SHORTT NOTES by Jim Shortt, Scene Music Columnist SOULFULLY: That's how Jeff Lopez's ( acoustic show came down when I caught him at Cork Wine Bar. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the nifty new stage, attesting to the popularity and high quality of the live entertainment in this intimate, hip venue. Then Lopez began singing Harry Chapin's “Taxi” and, man, did he ever grab my attention. I had not heard him previously, but I will certainly hear him again. His highly melodic voice is among the best I've heard for some time; it's warm, rich, and projects well. He's also an accomplished guitarist; his accompaniment complimented his vocals exceptionally well. I soon found out I was not the only patron paying attention. Lopez got strong well deserved applause after every song. He did mostly light rock and folk covers, but also added a few excellent originals. Some of the highlights were “Cat's In The Cradle”, “Drift Away”, “Desert Rose”(original), “Fire & Rain”, “Love On A Mission” (original), “Just The Way You Are”, “Good-bye Old Friend” (original) and “Tears In Heaven”. Bravo! Bravo! FYI; Lopez also plays in the rock band CROSSROADS. A number of his solo covers, originals and songs with CROSSROADS can be heard at his website..